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 These are Real People with Real Results.  
This is a group of people who have committed to having a life of Lasting Change!  

Goal: Live a healthier lifestyle 

Time Period: 365 days


Start: 235 lbs w/ 40in waist

End: 170 lbs to a 32in waist

From 2 chins to 1 chin

-from pre-diabetic to no sign of onset diabetes

-from 140/110 blood pressure to 110/70 blood pressure

-from being winded walking upstairs to running a 10k every week in under 1hr 15 min

-from being embarrassed about the way I look to liking the way I look for the first time ever

-from being grumpy having to work out to being grumpy when I have to miss a work out

-from being able to eat a double quarter pounder large size fries meal at McDonalds and not feeling full to feeling sick even smelling McDonalds


"Thank you to my wife for all your support through this and to my trainer for all your help and guidance. The results are priceless!!!!"


Goal: Live a healthier life, to continue to work and perform to the best of my ability. 

Time Period: 7 years

Results: Put years back into my life

I was a lot older before MLC, came into my life. I have always been reasonably active and have had no issues getting work done around our 73 acre property. But I was starting to accumulate a few years under my belt so I asked my MD for a referral. He suggested one of the coaches at MLC.


In our bilateral interview, MLC made me understand that there was good benefit from embarking on a program of weight and cardio training in addition to my regular activities. After MLC accepted me as a client and I decided to embark on a journey of personal training. That was almost 7 years ago and I have no plans to quit!


They have tremendous knowledge and a real knack for tailoring workouts to the individual. Adjusting workouts as needed to accommodate short term issues and long term goals. This most defiantly is NOT “one size fits all”.


On top of all that, MLC is full of wonderful, friendly people who do not judge or hold one to a standard that is not individualized. They doesn’t make it easy, but they make it good. It is a treat to see them twice a week!

Goal: Quit Smoking

Time Period: 60 days

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Results: Hasn't smoked in 2.5 years








Goal: Increase profits and encourage team

Time Period: 18 months


"After spending a year and a half working with this team, it has radically changed me, my team and my practice. We have accomplished more in 18 months than I thought we could do in 5 years. Our numbers almost doubled in a year. What I found most encouraging, was the fact that it was more like hiring another employee rather than hiring a dreaded consultant. I would highly recommend this program to anyone."





Goal: Increase Sales Numbers 

Time Period: 3 months


"This is the by far the most amazing course I've been to on practice management. The advice is so much more down to earth than anything else that I've seen."


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