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Rebuild current relationships & Approach new ones in a way that will
change the way you view HAPPINESS for the rest of your life.  

I have to be honest, this is the topic that fires me up the most.  Why you ask, because my own marriage was once a disaster.  My wife and I personally transformed our lives and our marriage. We have since guided many others through a process of transformation and can show you how to as well.  We came back from the brink of divorce.  She literally said, I'm done.  I mention this because you might be thinking to yourself, mine is too far gone.  I say nope.  Anything can be transformed if you are

willing to put forth the effort.  

This can go down a few ways, we can coach you through transformation ourselves.  If you have bigger issues, we can refer you to resources for just about any relationship challenge, we have probably been there ourselves.  If your challenges are bigger than our skills, like you need counseling, we will get you the resources.  Our goal is Lasting Change within your Relationships.  We have no pride in admitting you need help outside of our abilities.  To be clear, we are coaches, not counselors.  Please don't misunderstand this point! When we were on the brink of a divorce, we used the services of counselors and our current coaches.  We needed both to recover from the mess we were in.  


Keys to Lasting Change in Your Relationships

1. First step is to get crystal clear on what you want.  Most people know exactly what they don't want, but really haven't defined what they want.  Now if I am traveling and I know where I don't want to go, but don't really know where I want to end up, will I make it?  Of course not.  In fact, I will likely end up where I didn't want to be.  Want proof?  Have you ever seen how out in the desert there are often traffic accidents where a car crashes into a telephone pole?  We all have.  Now, calculate the odds of hitting a telephone pole vs not, when they are about 400 yards apart.  I mean really think about it.  Should be nearly impossible, but what does the driver focus on when they wake up?  The things they don't want to hit and they end up steering right into the things they wanted to avoid.

2. Secondly, why do you want this thing you just defined?  I mean, can you come up with 10 reasons that will bring you to tears as to why you want it?  If not, you need way more clarity! 

3. Third, Now what actions can you take every single day to move toward your goals?  Little things, like give an affirmation to your significant other.  I was speaking to a guy recently who posed the question to me of, "how often can I say she is a good mom before it will get old?"  Do you think this guy has been giving his wife affirmations lately?  Nope.  As a quick example, I suggested he find something she did today that he thought was impressive and compliment her on it.  How simple is this?




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All it takes is one step. One Step at a Time. 

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