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In Today's world, male or female, 9 years old or 50 years old. We're constantly reminded that our body isn't good enough. We read the articles, watch Doctor Oz, buy the 'low cal, non fat' foods, pick up the newest fad diets. 


Think about it, what happens when you generally lose something?  You ALWAYS find what you lost, don't you?  So if your goal is to lose weight, what are the odds it will work sustainably? Not to mention, that we are constantly reminded that our bodies aren't GOOD ENOUGH?  Who sold us this bill of goods.  It is a crock of $&*(%.  Now can we all improve our health, sure.  But to start off with the attitude that my body isn't good enough, again I am set up for yoyo results. 

So if you are tired of yoyo results, we have a plan for you to get Lasting Change with your Health and Fitness!

So maybe you're a recently new mom, professional and trying to balance it all.  Feel overwhelmed by it?  Does that play a role in why you're giving up again? 

Lasting Change's Health & Fitness focus is on the longterm solution of not finding it again. There are a handful of reasons why people want to change their current state of health and being. Maybe you're going on vacation, you have developed a new relationship, or you're simply wanting to live a better more fulfilled life. Mapping it out is key. 

 Have you known someone that wanted to lose weight and has been "trying" for years?  Perhaps it is a scenario like this one.  While chatting with someone about why they have struggled to lose weight this is what she shared:  

"I've been thinking about this for a while and have struggled to get started because it is so complicated.  I mean, first I need to find a gym.  So I would have to call my friends and see where they go, then cross reference their list with where I live to see which is the most convenient.  Then I would have to go for a tour.  Why when doing a tour, do they show you how to use all of the equipment?  And while doing it, I feel like fresh meat while the dudes are working out.  Then they always seem to give you a tour of the locker room and there is always someone sitting their totally nude and not something I want to look at.  Then they take you into their little office to share all the benefits, or really just hard sell me.  You feel like it is a time share presentation where you can't get out without purchasing.  Great now I have this done.  Now I need workout clothes, but they are hard to buy when you know you are going to lose weight.  Then I get introduced to a personal trainer while at the gym who tells me I need a new diet.  Now I have to learn how to cook all new food and buy new food.  What is kale anyway???"  To which I responded, as complicated as you just made that, I can see why you haven't been successful.  Holy cow!

Let's Break This Down


1.  What we need to learn ourselves is that we can make small changes that are sustainable.  Diets don't work.  They are temporary and when you stop, you re-gain your weight.  Sadly, often even more than before.  Did you read the article about the Biggest Loser contestants who regained even more weight than they lost?  It just doesn't work.

2.  We need leverage on ourselves.  Too often we rely upon will power to sustain the changes.  If you are robotic, great it will work fine.  If you have emotions, likely won't last.  

 Here is My Simple Advice

Take massive action right now.  While you are feeling how you are feeling, make a plan.  A great first step would be to schedule a free consult with our online Fitness Trainer who can create a workout for you at your home.  Yes, you don't need a gym membership for Lasting Change.  You need an implementable plan.  




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